Superstition Meadery

We are proud to feature mead & cider from the award winning Superstition Meadery. These neighbors of ours make extraordinary mead from Arizona honey, and select products can be found at the Raven on tap and in the bottle.


Current Mead List:

On Tap

Desert Monsoon 5oz $8

Prickly Pear and Wildflower Honey.  Lightly sweet and Tropical.

Blueberry Hex 5oz $10

Smooth, Sweet, and Fully Ripened Blueberry Mead.


Flora $21

Traditional Off-Dry Mead. Made with Wildflower Honey

Berry White $90

Gold Medal Winning Raspberry & White Chocolate Mead

Blackberry White $85

Blackberry & White Chocolate Mead

Blueberry White $85

Blueberry & White Chocolate Mead